In 2014 we were officially incorporated and renamed KCI (Kingdom Culture, Inc.).  We now have established a Georgia Hub as well as our Ohio Hub and we have KCI individuals in Minnesota, Kansas and New Jersey.  As we are journeying the path of the supernatural, we have begun experiencing….

  • Healing & miraculous physical recoveries from autism, cancer, strokes

  • promotions, re-locations & career doors opening

  • freedom from captivities

  • deeper knowledge of God and the workings of God

We have now established intercessory prayer sessions and strategies of the Courts of Heaven.  We do one on one coaching and mentoring for those who want to strengthen their everyday personal relationship with God utilizing the disciplines of the Spirit.  KCI walks through this process with individuals by giving practical steps to experiencing a supernatural life…kingdom life.  We will soon be training and re-establishing our prophetic evangelism, supernatural healing and Kingdom governance branch of the ministry.  It is our goal to continue this journey and go deeper in the operations of God!