Our assignment is one of EMPOWERMENT through apostolic teaching that transforms thinking, culture, behavior and belief systems, thus equipping people to transform their communities and nations.

Our desire is to “BUILD PEOPLE, TRANSFORM LIVES, and IMPACT NATIONS”. On this site you will be able to find out more about us, and our ministry, as well as be empowered to walk in your kingdom potential through an array of awesome teachings and studies, life altering events, and testimonies that will catapult your faith to new heights. Again we thank you for coming and be sure to contact us as we walk together to see the Kingdom of God “released, established, expanded, and advanced”.

We believe that God is raising up a DAVIDIC GENERATION that is called to defeat 21st century GIANTS. As the oil of the Messiah is smeared upon this GENERATION, the restoration of SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES, GIFTS, CALLINGS, and OFFICES will rise up like the Church has never seen before. We are called to be stewards of that coming wave of Glory. We are established as an apostolic house to lay the foundation for this next shift, from DENOMINATIONAL to DIMENISONAL. As the 21st century Chruch we must be apostolic in our approach, and not just invade different geographical regions but also various world systems and sectors, such as: GOVERNEMENT, BUSINESS, ENTERTAINMENT, FAMILY, ARTS and MEDIA, and even EDUCATION. This is how this GENERATION will rise and esablish the Throne of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ.