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In 2009, the founder of Kneeology, Tonthalell Walters, was burdened by the desire to actually see the effectiveness of prayer at a prayer breakfast. Tonthalell both attended and participated as a speaker at a number of prayer breakfasts and was concerned about the lack of prayer that happened at these events. She was overwhelmed by the desire to attend a prayer breakfast that was truly filled with prayer. At the end of 2009, after much prayer and consecration, the first Kneeology took place in a home where there were 12-15 participants..

Kneeology 2010 was held in the city of Atlanta, GA where over 100 intercessors gathered to pray pen-pointed prayers that would affect change in their churches, cities, families, and personal lives. Our guest speaker was Pastor Derrik Cooper, Jr and our quest Psalmist was Min. Keli Lewis.

Kneeoloy 2011 we had over 160 intercessors gathered in the city of Atlanta, GA where we went to the battlefield and returned with our spoils! Our guest speaker was Bishop William Murphy and our guest Psalmist was Maranda Curtis.

In 2017, Kneeology registrants made HIStory! We navigated the Courts of Heaven, went to new Frequencies on the Battlefield, received Deliverance, and experienced Impartation on another level! We had over 370 intercessors, guest intercessors from 7 different churches, and 5+ different states were represented. Our guest speaker was our Oversight, Pastor Samuel Giles and our guest Psalmist was Anna Lonelle.

Kneeology 2018 We had over 400 Intercessors from all over the US!!!! We experienced an intense level of Glory from our guest intercessors that propelled us to pursue God in that moment, which released VICTORY. Our guest Psalmist, Keli Lewis to us to another realm of worship that prepared that atmosphere for what would happen next! We had 6 sessions that dealt with the whole of the Believer as an Intercessor and as a son! We were blessed to have with us as our Morning Glory Speaker, Apostle Bryan Meadows who imparted STRENGTH  into us. Our Courts of Heaven Session with Kingdom Culture, Inc. gave us tools to deal with ACCUSATIONS  made by the enemy of our soul. Our Battlefield Session spilled over into our Deliverance Session and became a full-on rescue session from Regions of Captivity. This session was headed up by our visionary Tonthalell Walters.  This year we had over 90 men in our For Men Only Session with Pastor Samuel Giles. This session empowered our men to embrace their role as Intercessors of their homes and it brought an understanding of the Priestly role of the Intercessor…OUR MEN stood up that day! What is there to say about our Impartation Session??? You JUST HAD TO BE THERE!!!! Once again, God gave us the opportunity to partner with Him to MAKE HIStory! HIStory belongs to the intercessors! 6/23/18 was “The day we learned how to DIG, DISCOVER, & DELIVER our bloodlines!“…2018 gave us the tools we needed to maintain our VICTORIES! Forensic Intercession unlocked ancient generational mysteries that have changed OUR LIVES!

Kneeology 2019 We had close to 500 HUNGRY Believers from all over the WORLD!!!! We PRAYER. PUSHED. & PREVAILED.! This year the Glory of God was so tangible that you could see Angels and clouds of Glory that invaded New Bridge Church! We had God’s choicest intercessors with us that set the tone for the day. Thank you, Pastor Karlene Hamilton, of InfluencesHazen Stevens, of New Bridge & One RaceDaniela Barroso, of InfluencesAnthony Tolen, of Embassy City, and Levi Harrel, of E.L.I.T.E.,!!!! One of God’s sharpest skilled weapons, Psalmist Raine completely transformed KNEEOLOGY!!! Her mantle is precious to the Lord and valuable to the body…This year we had KNEEOLOGY YOUTH and Pastors Broderick McBride & Sipho Mhlanga empowered our youth so, that they all want them to come back for next year! Our Morning Glory Session completely wiped us out…Apostle Jonathan Ferguson took us up and out…you had to be there! Our VIP Luncheon turned into a great Q&A with two of our speakers, Apostle Alexander Pagani who also did our deliverance session and when I say we got free, we got free…Apostle Yolanda Stith tag teamed with Apostle Pagani during our VIP Luncheon and facilitated our Impartation Session! One of the staple sessions of Kneeology is the Courts of Heaven Session with KCI…the most equipped to equip others in navigating and legislating in heaven!!!! We had so much Glory that we didn’t even get to the Battlefield or FOR MEN ONLY Session but I don’t believe any area was lacking!!!

As you can see Kneeology 2019 was a lot but it would not have been what it was without the sacrifices made by a dedicated staff, team, and volunteers…

We can wait to see you! #kneeology20


Kneeology is the Educational component of Truth And Power Ministries, Inc. It is our desire to EDUCATE the Believer Line up Line and CULTIVATE the Believer Precept upon Precept!

We Believers in the areas of prayer, righteous daily living, communion with the Father, and a lifestyle of consecration. We believe that this type of focus on one’s personal relationship with the Lord will prepare and equip them for access to the Supernatural. We wholeheartedly believe that our Supernatural encounters with Holy Spirit will enable us to live a VICTORIOUS life here on the earth!

Kneeology provides workshops and seminars in Christian education, prayer, self-help; Developing educational lesson plans for others in the field of prayer; Education services, namely, providing live and on-line courses, classes, seminars, workshops in the field of Christian education, prayer, self-help; Education services, namely, providing on-line courses, classes, and seminars.